Gone Fishin’ (Sort Of)

As you read this, I am probably in Mexico City eating something good. I'm back in Mexico and for research for a special project and really have to let the blog slide a bit. I'll try and Twitter @RanchoGordo if it happens you needs a dose of Rancho Gordo loving while I'm gone, but I suspect you'll be O.K.

In the meantime, I've timed some miscellaneous photos I've yet to share instead of actual posts.


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  1. not sure if this will get to you, as i’m not up on blogs, typekeys etc., but am anxious to make your chile rellenos with your yiw beans.
    notice 1t vegie oil in recipe, but it doesn’t mention how to use it?
    also, is the baking sheet really meant to have NO oil? you can see i’m a novice here, but hope to make a bunch this friday. pls advise asap, and i thank you!! sally

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