Kansas City Barbecue

This post is obviously not for my vegetarian or vegan friends. I may be joining you soon after this week's meat overload!

I spent a really swell four days in Kansas City, hometown to our General Manager, Susan Sanchez. There's a really incredible food scene there but today I want to remember the barbecue. They have a tradition, just like Texas or Memphis, but it's very different and very delicious.


We ate at both Bryant's and L.C.'s and both were great. L.C.'s has the advantage of superior beans. I don't normally love baked beans, BBQ style or not, but these were great.


The secret is that the beans are cooked in a pot right in the smoker with the meat. You can see the pot here on the right.


Less appealing, but more colorful, was the potato salad. Call me a snob, but I just couldn't manage it!


Otherwise, L.C.'s is worthy of your attention when you visit Kansas City. L.C. himself is often there, working in his makeshift office and making sure the all is running smoothly. I think he's my new hero.


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  1. Howdy, just wanted to say it was great meeting you the other night at The Rieger! Fantastic meal…the combination of your products and the talent in the kitchen made it very memorable. Glad to see you got a mini-tour of what we’re famous for. Hope you get to come back soon and dig even deeper into our food scene…it’s really booming these days! And we’ll have to get you some competition-grade ‘Q….

  2. Steve, I’m so glad you made it to LC’s! Fabulous meeting you at the Thursday night dinner. Memorable for so many reasons … Rancho Gordo rocks.

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