Good Pasta, Like Good Beans, Doesn’t Need a Lot of Help

I’d forgotten how good pasta can be. I’ve been off it lately because I refuse to buy Barilla for political reasons and most of the domestic brands have left me cold. Plus, I’m eating more Mexican and “California” food, whatever that is.

I was given a box of Baia Pasta and I just took a short trip to heaven. Or Bologna. I was starving and didn’t have time to make an elaborate sauce (which I had felt this quality pasta deserved.) Instead, I just put a pat of butter, a splash olive oil and some salt in the bottom of my bowl and added the drained pasta. A gentle squeeze from a Meyers lemon and the a dusting of good parma cheese and I was off to the races.


But it really brought home the fact that when you use quality ingredients, you should gently reveal their excellence, not mask it or even try to “match” things up. I let the pasta be the star and it was.

I’ve been in touch with Baia and we’re going to work on a perfect pasta e fagioli recipe.

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