Behind the Scenes: Rancho Gordo in Sunset Magazine

I don’t know if you’ve picked up the February issue of Sunset Magazine yet, but you’ll find an 8-page spread inside all about the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project and the hacienda that is the center of so many of our activities.


Sunset’s food editor, Margo True and photographer Dave Lauridsen spent a few days in Hidalgo, documenting the amazing good that comes out of the colonial-era kitchens. Margo loves to dig deep and exhaust every angle of a story and a recipe and that’s why so many of Sunset’s recipes become classics.


Of course all the food we made, we ate and it was a rather indulgent gig for all of us!


Beans two ways, plus nopales is always a welcome breakfast.


The day in Mexico always starts with good fruit.


Yunuen and Dave discuss the possibilities.


For me, a set table is like a stage. You just know good things are going to happen when it looks like this.


One of my favorite preparations is chipotle en vinagre. I’ll have the recipe soon for you.


Lupe embellishes a simple bowl of soup with fried tortilla strips. The simple becomes incredible in her hands.

More photos and recipes to come. There are lots of solid recipes for classic Mexican bean cuisine in the magazine, so pick up the February issue soon.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! And how small a world we live in. I am a retiree who volunteers at a local elementary school here in Lakewood, CA. I work with one teacher only, and have done so four years now (same teacher, who is a great first grade teacher). Anyway, her brother and sister-in-law frequently go up to the bay area. They brought her a package of your Rancho Gordo, San Franciscano beans and she claims they are the best she has ever had. During the course of our conversation, she offered to get a bag for me, which she did. I told her about the February, 2016, issue of Sunset, about this article you mention above, and even printed out one of the recipes from Sunset’s website for her. I can hardly wait to tell her about YOUR website! She will be as excited as I am. Thanks so much for what you do. (Cooking the beans this afternoon!)

  2. Just read the article; so glad Rancho G is getting this recognition. (Sunset even mentioned your movie posters!)

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