Chia. No Jokes, Please

I’ve been drinking chia water for some time. It’s weird. The seeds are added to liquid and like oatmeal or flax, the exude a goo and it’s supposed to be very healthy. In Mexico, it’s normally a limeade plus the chia seeds and they go pretty light.

Chia seeds in action

I’ve asked some friends if there are health benefits to letting the water saturate the seeds. My instincts tell me yes, the seeds should rest in water for about 15 minutes before consumption but the answers I received were all over the map. Some said not to do this, others said it’s better ground up and mixed into something else.

I got a lot of suggestions for yogurt or pudding. I’ve tried them but I’m not trying to mask a healthy food into something else. I find the gooey seeds rather pleasant and just slightly sweet. I take a tall glass of water with two teaspoons of chia every morning now. I can’t say I feel any real difference but I like it and who knows?

If you have definitive information on the best way to eat chia, I’d be interested to know.

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  1. No definite information, but I am rather a fan of kombucha with chia, and the commercial varieties of that use the whole seeds. I’ve been trying to replicate that with my own homemade kombucha, but I don’t seem to get the same effect – how much water do you use with your 2 tsp?

  2. Thanks – I’ll try again when I decant my next batch!

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